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Ready to discover your True Self ?

There’s nothing better that start a journey inside yourself….
When you are able to see all the gifts you’ve received at birth, you can be born once again and
take your life into your hands!

There’s nothing better that start a journey inside yourself. When you become able to see all the gifts you’ve received at birth, you can be born once again and take your life into your hands.. 


Knowing exactly where you are,
is the first step to go where you're going!

Nice to meet you, and thanks for landing here.

My name is Cristiana, I’m a seeker, a traveler, and I’ve been studying energies and well-being for more than 20 years now.
If you’d like to embark on a journey to discover your True Self, you’ve reached the right page!

I can accompany you on this journey that I’ve started myself two decades ago, and offer you all the discoveries of my personal research. I use, in fact, a set of different healing therapies and energy modalities that will allow me to give you all the support and help you need to transform your life into the one you truly desire.

But let me tell you, to depart for any journey, first of all you need to learn where you are and then define the map of where you want to go! That’s why knowing who you are at Soul Level is essential to live a meaningful life and reach out for your inner Divinity in every choice you make, understanding and accessing consciously those gifts you’ve been given just for the reason to be born in this lifetime.

I will be assisting you (mostly through the Akashic Records) to get a clear picture of your True Self and the energy patterns you’re currently living in. Then, you’ll be able to work on what’s blocking you and regain freedom to go where you decide. We’ll be looking at your past lives, relationships, spirit guides or divine blueprint to offer you a new awareness of who you are at Soul Level to work with it. Together, we will draw the best path for yourself to make you feel empowered in reaching your aims and goals and express yourself as a true Divine Being on this Earth! Nothing would make me happier.

If you are concerned you don’t yet know which your goals are…. don’t you worry. 

There’s always space to discover or detail more clearly which are the goals that are in full alignment with your Soul.
That’s why this journey is such a great and exciting one!

A warm welcome to you then, and if you’re up for it… let’s the journey started

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About my path

Since I remember, I’ve always searched for a better understanding of life and spirituality. In my early twenties, a deep and inner desire for existential answers attracted me to an International School of Self Awareness where we worked on observation of the self and how to be present. For 12 years, this experience helped me increase the knowledge of how our thoughts, our emotions and our body feelings are interconnected as three complementary gears – most of times misaligned – while we are trying to navigate lfe and create our human experience.
During that time I was briefly trained as a dervish, and for a longer time to Gurdjieef’s sacred dances which are still close to my heart. 

In more recent studies, I realized how our soul dances through several life times on its quest for a deeper understanding and experience of It-Self. We are in fact already created perfect at origin, we simply need to work our way back by remember who we are at Soul Level and remove all the debris we accumulated along our ‘incarnation’ journey.

I degreed counsellor at the school of Relationship Counseling, Patrizio Paoletti Foundation in Rome in 2010; though I never really opened a practice and I’ve been practicing healing energy (Reiki, I & II) since 2006 mostly for family and friends.

In 2014, I stumbled across a modality called Soul Realignment® which left me in awe for the level of accuracy and detailed explanations of the Self and the Universe. I’ve been a reader of the Akashic Records since.

More recently I’ve worked more on the body subtle energies becoming a certified practitioner of Donna Eden Energy Medicine Method and currently studying advanced techniques to work with cancer, heart issues and autoimmune diseases and open a full on practice.

My next step will be learning the Emotion Codes and support people in freeing themselves from emotional burdens.

As you may have perceived, I’m enjoying quite much discovering new aspects of our energetic and human experience.
While I’m awakening more and more people to their divine gifts and inner wisdom, I’m supporting them in being reimpowered in their own Divinity by teaching them how to access their potential and learn how to make the best use of it for themselves. 

Thanks for considering my services, I’ll be honored to work with you.

In Light & Love,

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