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Soul Realignment® Profile


This reading starts with the Soul Profile and the description of your Soul’s gifts. Our Divinity is not yet unfold in this third dimension, that’s why we’re going to see which blocks and restrictions has been collected from past lives to acknowledge and clear them. Blocks are what’s not allowing us to access fully our origination’s gifts today! We’ll have a reading session of 1.5 hr and a follow up session at your convenience in the following 3/6 months.This reading is quite powerful and is going to change and shift things thanks to your will and collaboration.That’s the reason why there is a first follow up session, included in the price and any other will be in agreement with the desire of client.

Clearing properties


As well as the Souls, also properties and houses are absorbing energetically the experiences of who’s living under their roof. Sometimes they can draw energy of the events happened on that soil many years or centuries before. In fact, an assignment of land decreed long time ago can affect the property built on it. I will clear those decrees for you and give you some instructions to keep the house energetically clean in the future.

Angelic Healing


In this healing, we will be working with Archangel Uriel, Archangel Micheal, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Gabriel to heal the physical body, emotional wounds and hurting memories. This modality was shown as a way of making that unique and powerful connection back to the light. It is, in fact, our divine right to walk in the light as fully empowered and compassionate beings.

The Archangels will help us to do so in this session that can be booked at distance, or in person. It lasts no more than 30/40 minutes.



You can book a relaxed session of energy healing of 1,30 hour for 45€ or a package of 4 in person days to for 140€.

You can also book the first session in person and then book the Second Level for the following 3/7 days. Modality suggested for treating specific health issues. 70€ for 3 days or 100€ for 7 days



Especially indicated to work on beliefs and programmed memories, this contact massage is 30/45 min for session 30€

Book with me

Akashic records, Soul Profile

170 €

I will read through the Akashic Records your Soul characteristic at the origination, your Divine gifts, and the specialized energies that your soul is designed to work with, we’ll address block and restrictions.
This reading is called Soul Realignment for the intent to realing yourself to your true essence

1 hr 30 min 

Akashic records, different readings

70 €

You can book an online session of choice between the Relationship reading, the Situational reading, the Spirit guides, the Manifesting Blueprint reading based on your current needs. If you’re unsure, feel free to contact me for guidance

1 hr 

Akashic records for properties

50 €

Properties and houses are absorbing energetically the experiences of who’s living under their roof. They can draw upon energy of the events happened on that soil too. Clearing them will allow for a better experience of living or working in the property removing all negative patterns that can affect us in our enviroment

1 hr

Energy Medicine

70 €

The in person session consist in first part of energy testing and consequent corrections where needed; followed by a fully dressed lay down energy balance on the massage table. The use of acupressure points, chakras, aura and many other techniques will re-establish full balance in your body mind and spirit, and that’s where magic happens…


1 hr 30 mins 

Energy Medicine - 4x package

260 €

Booking a discounted package of 4 session is a great idea to keep following up on your wellbeing and go deeper in clearing for greater results. We’ll be able to address many of the chronic pattern you may have created in a lifetime of stress and struggles.



4 in person sessions for 260€
of 1 hr 30 mins

Energy Medicine - online

50 €

Through an educational time you’ll learn how to tests, correct and take care of yourself through exercises and practises. You’ll be gently accompanied to re-empower yourself by getting to know your body language, and know what is needed for your self care!


 1 hr


40 €

Especially indicated to work on beliefs and programmed memories, we will work on reset buttons placed all over your head

45 min

Reiki treatment

60 €

You can book a relaxed session of energy healing of 1,30 hour or a package of 4 days in person

1 hr 30 mins

Reiki treatment in distance

180 €

You can book a relaxed session of energy healing of 45 mins in distance to be in the comfort of your home.


45 mins for 4 days

I live in Dublin, Ireland, but I work with clients all over the world, via Zoom, phone or in person sessions
Feel free to contact me, for more information you can complete the below form and I will be in touch with you in the shortest time possible. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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